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The list of members was compiled from the Boots and Spurs minutes book. It gives the members name and where given their address , the date they joined the Fellowship and any additional information about them that was found in the book.


Members name; Address; Date Joined; Additional Information

John Harold Brookes; 82 Primrose Avenue; 1909; at 1st meeting [almoner]

Fred Jepson Brookes; 71 Primrose Avenue (later at 342 Loxley Road, Malin Bridge); 1909; at 1st meeting [secretary] Also National Clarion Fellowship Secretary; married Jane Ann Cooper 1894, Sheffield

F J Brookes walking in the Lake District

Mrs F.J. Brookes; 71 Primrose Avenue; 1913; maiden name Doris Melling; played piano.

Robert Barton; 1910

Arthur Bennett; 5 Pilgrim St and 195 Pitsmoor Road; 1912

W. Black; 65 Primrose Avenue; 1913

Eric Cooper Brookes; 71 Primrose Avenue (later at 39 Thornley Crescent, Thurnscoe and 86 Milnthorpe Crescent, Wakefield; 1913; son of F J Brookes; married Doris Melling 1921. He was 2nd Lt. in the 24th Yorkshire and Lancs. regiment. Wounded a month before end of war. Welcomed back 2/3/1919.

E C Brookes 1918

Jonathan Booth; 110 Foxglove Road; 1914

Robert Beal; 1916; ill in 1921. 

Beacroft; 1916

Arthur Burton; 187 Bracken Rd; 1919; son Joe, died July 1922. Also lived at 'Boscombe', Brinsworth Lane, Rotherham

W. Baker; Bellhouse Rd; 1919

Wilfred Baines; 156 London Road; 1920

Sydney Bowles; 1920; injured 1922

Fred Bingley; 1925

Arthur Bleasdale

Harry Ernest Clayton; 17 Wincobank Ave.; 1909; at 1st meeting.[2nd scout]

Richard Cooling; 1909; at 1st meeting

E. Cheetham ; 48 Owler Greave Road; 1913

Thomas Daybell; 1909; at 1st meeting

William Walton Dormand; 11 Botherton Street; 1909; at 1st meeting. worked for railway 

William H. Dyson; 1909; at 1st meeting.

Mrs L. Dormand; 11 Botherton Street; 1913

W. Daft; 35 Highfield Place; 1918

Horace Dawson ; 40 Buchanan Road; 1919; also lived at 214 Hanover Street.

Tom B. Ellis; 144 Basford St.; 1916

Jack Eaton; 21 Marr Terrace, Ranmoor; 1922; long illness, ended January 1922.

John Edward; 1909; at 1st meeting.

John William Fieldhouse; 376 Windmill Lane; 1910

John William and Amy Fieldhouse

John William and Amy Fieldhouse

J.Firth; 1910

Joseph Fox; 35 Catherine Road; ill 1918.

Harry Foulds; 99 Lancaster St Barnsley; 1919

G.Frank Gillott; 60 Broomgrove Rd; 1909; in 1st world war.Sent letter from France to Fellowship, Sept.1916. After absence of 5 years, welcomed back from war10/5/1919. Also member of Sheffield Clarion Ramblers.

Arthur Gillam; 1912

Ernest Goudger; 345 Bluebell Road; 1919

James Gledhill; 11 Ellerton Road; 1920

Frank Garside; 147 Astley St Dukenfield Stalybridge; Died February 1924; Also lived at 28 Taylor Street, Stalybridge.

Albert Hibbert; 5 Summerset Rd 1909 at 1st meeting

John H. Hawkins; 1909 at 1st meeting 

Stanley Holmes; 1910

Charles Howe; 34 Elgin St, Crookes; 1911; ill in 1918

Harry Houlding; 360 Staniforth Rd; 1913

Joe A. Hallam; 982 Penistone Road; 1916; Also lived at 4 Ashleigh Villas, Sutton in Ashfield.

James Hunt; 258 Bellhouse Road; 1917

William Heppell; 607 Abbeydale Road; 1918

S. Harpham; 1921

Harry Inman; Fairhaven, 2 Whiteway, Stroud, Gloucester; 1909; at 1st meeting. Went with wife  to India 1918. Presented with pocket wallet by Fellowship. Came back for a short stay 1925. Harry and wife also members of Sheffield Clarion Ramblers. They served on the committee and led several rambles; Also lived at Fairhaven, 2 Whiteway, Stroud, Gloucester.

Photograph of Harry Inman

L.H. Inns; 1911

John Edward Jordan; 161 Foxglove Rd; 1909; at 1st meeting. In 1st world war. Welcomed back 2/3/1919. Also member of Sheffield Clarion Ramblers. Went on first walk round Kinder Scout.

Stanley Jones ; 1910

William A. Jennison; 8 Claro S; 1922

F. Knowles; 1916

Jim Kenworthy; 41 Primrose Avenue

Frances M.Light  ; 1909; at 1st meeting

Clifford Mosforth; 1909; at 1st meeting

George Miles ; 1909; at 1st meeting

Sydney Miles; 1910 

Thomas William Melling; 1909; at 1st meeting; married Alice Broxham 1898, Sheffield; parents of Doris Melling who married Eric Cooper Brookes; also lived at Knowle Lane, Sheffield 11.

Duncan Macintyre; 1909; at 1st meeting [Treasurer] Left Sheffield 1910

Clifford Mosforth; 83 Bellhouse Rd.; 1910

Edward Miles; 1911

John Murray; 1911. Also member of Sheffield Clarion Ramblers. Went on first walk round Kinder Scout.

Walter Marshall; 384 Earl Marshall Road; 1914

Doris Melling; Ashbrook Gleadless; 1920; married Eric Cooper Brookes.

Wedding of Eric Brookes and Doris Melling 14th July 1921


Edward[Ted] May; 53 Melbourne Rd; 1924

John Orr; 160 Firth Park Cres.; 1910; ill in 1925

Robert [Bob] Padley; 1909; at 1st meeting,[1st scout]

Herbert Padley; 1913; in 1st world war welcomed back after long service 22/11/1919; brother of Robert Padley.

Henry Poppleton; 1909; at 1st meeting

Albert Patrickson; 188 Industry Street Walkley

Frank Pilgrim; 3 Priory Terrace, Sharrow; 1920; Secretary of National Clarion Fellowship; daughter Muriel passed away 26/6/1925 age 23 years; also lived at 26 Folds Way, Abbey Lane.

Herbert Ludlow Phillips; 1924; 297a Ecclesall Road (later at 180 Hastelon Road, Manor Estate).

Evelyn Raynor; 1910

Richard Reynolds; 1912

George Short; 1909; at 1st meeting

Walter Scott ; 1909; at 1st meeting

Alfred Short; 1909; at 1st meeting

W. J .Sergeant; 126 Chippingham St.Attercliffe; 1914

Andrew Smith; 1920; 133 Vincent Road (later at 87 Glenorchey Road and 84 Button Hill).

C. J. Stanley; 32 Chapel Walk; 1920

John Twible; 13 Walkley Street; 1913

Dave W. Tucker; 1922; 535 Abbeydale Road.

Tom Tyas

William Unwin; 1909; at 1st meeting

W. K. Vickers; 1909; at 1st meeting [died 1910]

Wibberley ; 1909; Left, went to Hereford 8/10/1909

Alfred Walker; 8 Sunderland St.; 1909; at 1st meeting

Jervis Garside Ward; 1910

Albert Wilson; 1910; In Royal Navy joined 1898. Gave talk to fellowship on his life in

Royal Navy.

W.H.F. Whitney; 1911. Also member of Sheffield Clarion Ramblers (President 1907-1911 and 1913-1917).

Grim Willingham; Wincobank Avenue; 1914

P. Wells; 1914

George E.Willis; 35 Hatherby Road Tinsley; 19; ill in 1918

W.C.H [Billy] Wood; 1920; St Phillips School House, Matthew Street (later at 21 Ouseburn Street, Sheffield 9).

Herbert Wilson; 1 ct. 1 House, Pitt Street; 1920; ill in 1924

Walter Wilson; 130 Young street; 1921 


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