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These are political references extracted from the Sheffield Clarion Wincobank 'Boots and Spurs' Fellowship's minutes book. To go to the full transcript of the minutes book, please click the link on the left of the page.


Dealing with promotion of ‘common action among Socialists', 6th August 1910

Proposed Dormand, Seconded Firth, that  the secretary write to the Provisional Committee for the Promotion of  ‘Common Action among Socialists’  saying that  the members of the Boots and Spurs  Assembly  already belong to one or the other of existing socialist  bodies,  who are already dealing with the circular sent,  and they  have decided to deal  with  the questions from those bodies. Carried.

Resolution: no affiliation with National Labour Party, 17th February 1917

Moved E Clayton, seconded George Willis, that the Boots & Spurs Clarion Assembly after due consideration of the arguments, set forth in the Clarion newspaper, and also feeling that the spirit of the Clarion Fellowship is such, that its development along the lines of the past although apparently slow in its outward form, does foster a grand  comradeship worth preserving.  Therefore the Assembly is agreed that the National Clarion Fellowship  Committee take no steps to affiliate with the National Labour Party. Carried unanimously.


Resolution: no affiliation with any political party, 23rd February 1918

That the National Clarion Fellowship take no steps to affiliate with any other political body. Amendment moved by Willingham  Seconded Ellis,  delete "any other  political body" and substitute “with any political organisation”. Lost….Resolution carried.