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Shown opposite are extracts from the Sheffield Clarion Boots and Spurs 1909 minutes book, relating to the following points of interest:


General Election 1909

Member emigrates to New Zealand 1912

Funds for fighting forces

The 'Flue' 1918

Waste paper collection

Welcome back from war

Support for Club House scheme

Robert Blatchford's 70th birthday

Death of Frank Garside



General Election 1909

Assembly Meeting        17th  December  1909….
It was found impracticable to hold a social at Xmas because of the difficulty in getting a room,  the arrangements being left in the hands of the officials to arrange one as soon as possible,  sometime in January for choice,  this was  found impossible owing to the general election


Member emigrates to New Zealand 1912

Member emigrating. After the interval Padley, on behalf of the “Boots and Spurs” Assembly,  presented Tom Stanley and wife with a  pocket knife each suitably inscribed with  our “Boots and Spurs”. We wished them well for the future. Tom in replying was brief  and to the point, as usual.   We exchanged telegrams with the Birmingham comrades.   This was a most successful gathering concluded by singing Auld Lang Syne, and cheers.


Funds for fighting forces / welcome back from war 1918

March  1915  War effort .  It was  suggested we arrange to send Frank Gillott, Padley &  Eric Brookes   cigarettes or tobacco – Clayton and Melling to see to this

February 1917 Christmas Annual Reunion….With regard to profits which were originally voted for Clarion  wounded and comrades in distress, in consequence of the war, it was moved by F. J. Brookes that at the final meeting of delegates, two delegates be elected from each Clarion organisation to form a
committee to administer the Fund and make all necessary  arrangements to augment it.  Knowles seconded

April 1918: Soldiers and Sailors Club     F.J.Brookes  made a statement in regard to the funds required for  “Soldiers and Sailors Club”  and the Heroes  Van Fund .Weekly subs are  coming in steadily.

22/11/1918 Herbert Padley given a cordial welcome home after his long war service.

January 1919: Soldiers and Sailors Club   The secretary (Dormand)  drew attention to the fact that  monies from the ‘Boots and Spurs’ for the Sailors and Soldiers Club and Van Heroes Fund, for which he held a receipt from Miss Daft dated 6th Nov.  1918, had not been actioned in the ‘Clarion’.  This lady had  intimated that the collections would be sent out quarterly.  Our delegates   were asked to bring this question up at the next meeting of the Local Fellowship. As our collector F.J.Brookes had a futher sum in hand,. He moved ….that it be handed to the secretary and passed on, Miss Daft be asked to send it to the Clarion Newspaper straight away

Welcome back to soldiers  02/03/1919: Ernest Clayton  moved an expression of appreciation ,  and  welcomed back our good comrades Jack Jordan and Eric  Brookes      CHEER.
Return of soldier          Frank.Gillott… a hearty welcome given to our comrade after an absence of 5 years


The ‘FLUE’ 1918

No Social ….November 18th 1918            THE ‘FLU’ !


Waste paper collection 1919

January 1919  Waste Paper        Secretary reported that two sacks had been sent to the Clarion Office, and asked for more paper to fill another sack which he had in hand


Support for club house scheme 12/7/1919

Club House…     general discussion by Howe, Hibbert, Hallam, and finally Fieldhouse  Moved Clayton that we support Club House Scheme


Robert Blatchford’s 70th birthday 17/3/1921

R.Blatchford  70th Birthday…….moved F.Pilgrim   sec Beales….that a letter of congratulation be sent to Robert Blatchford for 17th March


Death of Frank Garside 1924

Meeting……9th February   1924.
We had to report the sad loss of our old friend Frank Garside. The officers authorised the purchase of a floral tribute in the shape of the Fellowship  badge,  and Jack Jordan and Ernest Clayton attended the funeral as  representatives of the  ‘Boots & Spurs’ Assembly Moved Frank Pilgrim  sec. Grim Willingham …..that this action be  confirmed and the expenses paid out of the ‘B & S ‘ funds…..carried The members rose to mark the passing of a well Beloved member of the Robert Blatchford Assembly  and a real staunch Fellowshipper.
 Drink!  for you know not whence you came,  nor why:
 Drink!  for you know not why you go,  nor where .           Omar K.

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