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The following extracts from the Boots and Spurs minutes book, show the support of the fellowship for socialist newspapers:


Clarion advert in Co-op Ramblers' Handbook

December 1925 Clarion Advert. Moved Charlie Howe  sec.  Frank Gillott…..      that the Clarion Advert in  the Co-operative Ramblers hand book be repeated and that the matter be placed before the central committee. 

Whist drive in aid of Sheffield Guardian Development Fund, May 1911

A very enjoyable Whist Drive, was held last Saturday evening at 71 Primrose Avenue, Shiregreen. The usual prizes of merit and demerit were awarded, with song and sentiment and the indispensable refresher. The gathering was a special effort by the Fellowship, for the Guardian newspaper fund. The sum of £1 . 1s . 6d . has to be acknowledged, and Mr & Mrs Fred Brookes are to be thanked for organising this effort, which is well worthy of emulation. Help us to get the paper firmly established. This is the Fellowship . J.Brookes.


Letter from Sheffield Guardian asking for support

Letter  read from Sheffield Guardian Press Ltd asking for support in the shape of shares, and a request to submit names and addresses of our members. It was suggest that these could not be supplied, and further, that  probably the majority of members took the “Guardian”.  The secretary to intimate this in reply to the letter


Fund raising to save Clarion newspaper, 6th October 1916

National Clarion Fellowship.     Clarion Maintenance Fund
                                   This Week’s Receipts - £174 7s 5d.
                                   All Previous Records Easily Broken!!
Last week’s excellent response of nearly £100 has been eclipsed by this week’s receipts.  Most assuredly, the final rally has exceeded the most sanguine expectations.
 The Fund has now topped £2200 and gives every hope of reaching £2,250, and possibly £2,300.  The credit of this fine achievement belongs to the many hundreds of “Clarion” friends and workers who have made the Fund, and the object it was established to serve, their special interest.
 It would be ridiculous to hope to do justice to their sacrifice and work in the short space at my command.  And all one can do is to ask that they will accept the will for the deed. 
With the efforts of so many friends in mind it is a task of no mean difficulty to single out any one effort for special mention.
 I cannot, however, let the opportunity pass without referring to the magnificent donations from Sheffield and Newcastle friends.  In Sheffield, Fred Brookes, whose name will long be remembered in connection with the Fund, not only pressed for and secured the assistance of the Clarion men but also the Clarion Women and the Clarion Children, with the result that Sheffield’s final effort reached the magnificent total of £30 17s, the highest contribution received for the Fund.  Newcastle friends’ fine effort was also the result of splendid organisation and co-operation of local Clarion forces.
In a subsequent issue, I hope to give a short history of the Fund, and the work undertaken on its behalf.  Meanwhile, will all friends accept my best thanks for their co-operation and work in the task which has scored so marked a success?
I have hundreds of letters awaiting replies, and need the assistance of a half-dozen shorthand-typists to deal with them.  I shall be glad to hear from friends who can spare an evening a week for the next month to help.  Any evening in the week will be convenient to me.  Any time on Saturday after 3 p.m., or on Sunday after 10 am. will suit equally as well.
FRED C. HAGGER, Hon. Sec. and Treasurer,
69, Drakefell Road, New Cross, London, S.E.


Advertising Clarion newspaper

The secretary reported progress of station book stall sales and advertising  Moved Charlie Howe  sec.  Albert  Hibbert that we extend the advert in  the ‘Sheffield Forward’ another 3 months     carried   Quite a useful discussion arose over the ‘Clarion’ sales and the opinion  was ex pressed that we were too backward in pushing the paper at our social functions.  This will have to be remedied if the movement is to regain it’s place in the propagation of socialism.  Moved Ernest Clayton  sec. Charlie Howe…..it was decided to discuss the advert in ‘Co-operator’at the next meeting.
Meeting …..15th November   1924.

Clarion Newspaper            The secretary reported progress of the Clarion Newspaper sales at the  station book stalls,  and was instructed to stop supplies at the Midland if no improvement was shown. Moved Frank Pilgrim  sec. Bert Wilson .that the advertising of the Clarion in the ‘Sheffield Co-operator’ be continued for another 3 months

Meeting       13th December   1924.

.Clarion Newspaper           After a discussion on the appeal in the Clarion Newspaper in regard to the proposed new company Moved Ernest Clayton  sec. Billy Wood  that the National Secretary be asked to try and get a scheme adopted whereby members could take up shares in the proposed company on a weekly payment system with local collectors.